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Student Work

Trewel Towers screenshot

The Defense of Trewel Towers

Gain magical abilities and upgrade your defenses to repel invaders in this multiplayer, narrative-based archery tower defense game for virtual reality headsets. Created by Brendan Berg, Matt Camerato, Tyler Gorman, Lydia Hallett, and Horacio Valdez.

Project: Action Party screenshot

Project: Action Party

Jump from roof to roof collecting weapons and dodging bullets in this parkour-based local multiplayer party game for two to four players. Created by Matt and Kathy Diaz.

TimeTekker screenshot


TimeTekker is a top-down shooter with a twist: the faster you move, the faster time passes. TimeTekker won the Best Use of Time award at GameFest (2017), the Best Gameplay Award at New England Student Game Design Showcase (2018), and a Golden Joystick award at the Terminus Conference and Festival (2018). Available on Steam. Created by Ryan O'Hara.

Rookfall screenshot


Rookfall is a deceptively challenging puzzle game where the player must move a rook across a chessboard to clear tiles. Created by Michael Bunger and Ron Burgess. Available for Android devices.

Lucid screenshot


Lucid is a procedurally-generated action adventure game that gives the player control over their dreams. Make use of powerful abilities to fight nightmares and locate your dream's source. Created by Brian Eisenberg, Nevo Mantel, Diego Holguin, Jacob Frommer, Colin Winders, Nick Pinero, Connor Dean, Manny Gomez, and Khalid Bilal.

Lucid screenshot

Beat 'Em

Beat 'Em is an abstract twin-stick rhythm-based local multiplayer game. Players can only move on the beat in this rhythm/shooter mash up. Beat 'Em was given an Honorable Mention at the Intel University Games Showcase at The Game Developers Conference 2020. Created by Leo Melendez and Shawn Urban.

Lucid screenshot


InkOdyssey is a JRPG that takes place in a world of cute characters being overrun by demonic spirits. The hero, Isabella, begins to notice a series of ghostly hauntings in her small town. To save her city and uncover the mysteries behind the evil spirits she must confront the monsters with her own two hands. Created by Ryan O'Hara.

AstroViking screenshot


AstroViking is a horde-survival shoot em' up with RPG elements. Forge your own super-powered Viking with 60+ upgrades and take on an endless swarm of aliens! Available on Steam. Created by Andy Mechalakos, Ryan O'Hara, and Drew Osik.