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Our Graduates

Quinnipiac Game Design and Development alumni

QU alum are out in the world doing great things. Check them out. They form a network of people who can help you when you are ready to leave QU. In return, we hope you will help those who come after you.

Donovan Sepulveda photo

Donovan Sepulveda

Donovan is a Sr. Game Production Coordinator at Riot Games. Prior to Riot, Donovan was a Associate Esports Manager at Blizzard Entertainment.

Zaria Brogdon photo

Zaria Brogdon

Zaria works in a Production Support role at Rockstar Games in New York City.

Ron Burgess photo

Ron Burgess

After Quinnipiac, Ron became a Mixed Reality Team Lead at SphereGen, a software development company specializing in developing augmented reality applications. He has since transitioned to work with artificial intelligence as a Robotic Process Automation Engineer for SAIC.

Shawn Urban photo

Shawn Urban

During his junior year, Shawn completed an internship at F84 Studio in Los Angeles as a part of our QU in LA program. After graduating, he returned to F84 as a Game Design and Production Associate.

Cate Martin photo

Cate Martin

Shortly after graduating, Cate was hired as a Game Developer at Grover Gaming, located in Greenville, North Carolina.

Chad Reilly photo

Chad Reilly

During the summer of his junior year as a GDD major at Quinnipiac, Chad did an internship with Reverb Communications | Triple XP in California. After graduating, Chad returned to the company and is now working as an Influencer and Public Relations Coordinator.

Kene Umelo photo

Kene Umelo

Kene is an AR/VR Developer at Lucid Dream, helping healthcare and life science organizations educate patients and providers using immersive technology.

Andrew Dunn photo

Andrew Dunn

Andrew is a Unity Developer at Hellosarus, developing interactive content for children. Prior to Hellosarus he was a Junior Game Designer at Black Rocket Productions.

Emma Hubbell photo

Emma Hubbell

Shortly after graduating, Emma was hired as a Game Developer at Grover Gaming, located in Greenville, North Carolina.

Sam Brown photo

Sam Brown

After graduating from Quinnipiac Sam landed an internship at Sesame Street Workshop in New York City where he created two games featured on (Cookie Monster Hop and Grover's Motocycle Mayhem). He is currently an analyst at the company.

Rick Velez photo

Rick Velez

During his time at Quinnipiac, Rick took an AR/VR for Games class. After graduating, Rick got a job at Digitate as an XR Developer.

Antonia Gates photo

Antonia Gates

As a GDD student at Quinnipiac, Antonia completed internships with play2prevent (a group building serious games at Yale) and SphereGen (a company developing augmented reality applications). After graduating, she joined Legio Vox Studios as a Narrative Designer. She is now a Game Producer at Coolmath Games in NYC.

Liam Sheehan photo

Liam Sheehan

Liam returned to Quinnipiac to complete a Master's degree in Instructional Design after graduating with his BA in Game Design and Development. While completing his MS, he was offered a job as Instructional Designer at Coding Dojo.

Jibril Pickett photo

Jibril Pickett

Since graduating, Jibril worked for two mobile indie studios in Florida before getting a job at EA. He is now an analyst at Hi-Rez Studios.

Mike Tullo photo

Mike Tullo

After graduating, Mike returned to Quinnipiac to get a master's degree in Interactive Media. Subsequently, he got a job at Timex as a UI/UX Engineer. He was then offered a position as a User Experience Designer at Yale University.

Ashley Barbuito photo

Ashley Barbuito

Ashley has worked for SphereGen in a number of different capacities including 3D artist, graphic designer, and social media specialist. SphereGen is a software development company specializing in developing augmented reality applications.

Matthew Mudgett photo

Matt Mudgett

As a junior GDD major at Quinnipiac, Matt enrolled in a Dual-Degree (4+1) program at Quinnipiac, allowing him to complete his BA in Game Design and MS in Interactive Media and Communications in five years. He is now a Graphic Designer at Identity Group.

Will Feeney photo

Will Feeney

During his time at Quinnipiac, Will took an AR/VR for Games class. After graduating, Will got a job as an AR Developer at SphereGen.

Stephen Bischoff photo

Stephen Bischoff

After graduating, Stephen got a job at Vicarious Visions. His first project in the industry was working on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2. He subsequently moved to Velan Studios.

Khaled Abu-Ghazaleh photo

Khaled Abu-Ghazaleh

Khaled is a Technical Designer at Mental VR, a company specializing in XR development.

William Castellano photo

William Castellano

Will is a Graphical User Interface Team Lead at Vormittag Associates, Inc in Ronkonkoma, NY.