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Experiential Learning

Quinnipiac Game Design and Development experiential learning

We want you to learn by doing and we give you the chance to work on real projects with real clients to give you the skill set you need. You could work on a game that teaches nurses how to learn a complicated topic, like Ligand Quest. Other students helped design, develop and deploy a Gates foundation funded game to collect family planning intentions in India: The My Future Family game.

School of Medicine

We work with the Frank Netter School of Medicine on a variety of training tools for medical students. Our current project is DNA transcription.

Unite for Sight

Unite For Sight's Global Impact Corps engages students in sustainable, long-term, community based programs where they have the opportunity to learn from, support and assist local professionals. Here is a description and this brief program video truly captures the value and impact of the Global Impact Corps program; providing a nice 'snap-shot' of the organization's goals and volunteer program.

Your Own Company

If your passion is to publish your own games, then we have a plan for you. You will work with our faculty in the Business and Entrepreneurship program to start you own company.

Cybersecurity Training

QU has a thriving online Cybersecurity Masters program and we have partnered with them to create training games that simulate what it is like to be cyber attacked.