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Student Portfolios

A good portfolio is essential to getting a job in the industry. At Quinnipiac, all GDD majors are required to start building a portfolio in GDD201 Professionalism Practice for Game Design in their sophomore year. This helps students apply to internships while in the program. Students add to their portfolio throughout their time at Quinnipiac until GDD 495 Senior Project & Seminar at which point they are refined along with resumes, cover letters, and business cards.

Matt Camerato's Portfolio

Matt Camerato

Matt is a game designer, programmer, and UI/UX specialist with AR/VR development experience. His portfolio highlights his multidisciplinary skillset.

Here is his portfolio.

Skye McCashion's Portfolio

Skye McCashion

Skye is a game designer and actor interested in telling stories.

Here is her portfolio.

Ryan O'Hara's Portfolio

Ryan O'Hara

Ryan is an artist and game developer who, since graduating from Quinnipiac, has founded his own independent game studio Artii Games.

Here is his portfolio.

Son Nguyen's Portfolio

Son Nguyen

Son is a game designer and developer with a strong visual design sense.

Here is his portfolio.

Matt Mudgett's Portfolio

Matt Mudgett

Matt is a digital artist and UI/UX designer.

Here is his portfolio.

Casey Urso's Portfolio

Casey Urso

Casey is an artist and musician who founded GDD's student-run game development club on campus.

Here is his portfolio.