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GDD Showcase Winners

Every year, the Game Design & Development program holds an annual showcase and competition to celebrate our students' games. Find a selection of past award-winning games below.

2022 Awards

Trewel Towers screenshot

Trewel Towers (Best Overall Game)

Gain magical abilities and upgrade your defenses to repel invaders in this narrative-based archery tower defense game for virtual reality headsets. Created by Brendan Berg, Matt Camerato, Tyler Gorman, and Horacio Valdez.

Project: Action Party screenshot

Project: Action Party (Best Gameplay)

Jump from roof to roof collecting weapons and dodging bullets in this parkour-based local multiplayer party game for two to four players. Created by Matt and Kathy Diaz.

Neon Flip screenshot

The Grey (Best Visual Design)

Explore a mysterious world and gain abilities in the Grey, a stylish first-person platformer where human cannons rocket you between islands floating in the sky. Created by Danny Christie, Mario Egocheaga, Drew Malabre, Ethan Reyes, Tristan Reyes, and Callum Scott.

2021 Awards

Imperius screenshot

Imperius (Best Overall Game)

An RTS tower-defense hybrid, Imperius challenges players to carefully balance offensive and defensive strategies by choosing which ships to purchase, when and where to place bases, and how many power-ups to scavenge. Created by Matthew Hendrickson.

Project: Roll-A-Ball screenshot

Project: Roll-A-Ball (Best Overall Game)

A famous Unity tutorial project takes a surreal, retro turn incorporating spiked bust statues as enemies, randomly generated landscapes, and a tornado. Created by Liam Day.

Neon Flip screenshot

Neon Flip (Most Innovative Game)

This stylish 2d/3d puzzle-platformer asks the player to change camera views in order to explore unfamiliar terrain and solve spatial puzzles. Winner of the 2021 People Choice Award at the Connecticut Festival of Indie Games. Created by Brendan Berg and Horacio Valdez.

2020 Awards

R.E.M. screenshot

R.E.M. (Best Overall Game)

R.E.M. is a surreal journey into the mind of James, a student recovering from a long, sleepless cram session. Created by Dan Little and William McBride.

Bandit Getaway screenshot

Bandit Getaway (Best Visual Design)

Bandit Getaway is a fast-paced side-scrolling platformer where the player must grab balloons, scale walls, and jump from rooftop to rooftop. Created by Casey Urso.

Spacetime Liason screenshot

Spacetime Liason (Most Innovative Game)

Spacetime Liason is an interstellar dating game. Eat a nice meal and engage in deep conversations with potential suitors, but watch your manners. If you talk with your mouth full, make a mess, or handle yourself poorly in conversation, your date might give up on you. Created by Mike Fernandez, Czarisse Javier, Tyler Lyndon, and Drew Williams.