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Collaboration Opportunities

Develop an Educational Game About DNA Replication

Collaborate with Dr. Victor Francone of the Netter School of Medicine on educational materials to teach medical students DNA replication.

Learning objectives:

  • Summarize the DNA polymerases and other proteins required for DNA replication.
  • Summarize the mechanism of DNA replication and why discontinuous synthesis is required.
  • Explain the process of telomere replication and relate telomere dynamics to aging and disease.
  • Explain DNA polymerase proofreading and the impact on fidelity.

Create a Game About Cybersecurity

Collaborate with Frederick School, Director of the Cybersecurity Masters Program at QU on creating game scenarios where players learn how to identify and respond to email phishing scams.

Learning objectives:

  • Identify the principle components associated with Business Email Compromise
  • Describe the risks associated with BEC.
  • Be able to list mitigations for BEC.

Prototype an Augmented Reality-Based Scavenger Hunt

Collaborate with local company Spheregen to create an editable scavenger hunt game (a collaboration that includes Computer Science).


  • A user goes to a location and can collect coins using GPS. There would be a leader board so players could compete against each other.
  • Use QR and Object Recognition along with GPS to get coins.
  • Create a level editor. An admin can login to dynamically create and save maps and challenges.