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Laptop Recommendations

Quinnipiac Game Design and Development laptops

There are no specific requirements for computers in Game Design and Development at QU. Either a Mac or PC is fine. However, a laptop is recommended for bringing to and from class. If a PC, we'd recommend getting a VR-ready laptop if you can, since the minimum requirements for running VR will ensure good specs for game development as well (a search will yield many lists to browse).

Find additional information below.

Here are the minimum specs for a few of the tools we use:

Those guidelines are quite low, however. You'll want something more powerful to last several years. We'd recommend figuring out your budget first. If Mac, get the best you can within your budget, optimizing graphics. If PC, again, get the best graphics card (discrete graphics, not integrated) you can within that budget, making sure you have enough RAM (at least 8GB), then prioritizing processor, and finally HD size (SSD is a must!).